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GrossGlockner_s.jpg (3712 Byte) In years 1990 and 1998 I was in Osttirol (Austria) to spend my holiday. This piece of nature ist very beautiful. Particulary the valley Virgental is one paradise.  


casadoro_s.jpg (6166 Byte) Do you want to be with one mouse click in Venice? You need only a faster Internet link. This page is 2 Mbyte large. Venice is really unique.

High Tatras

lomnickyobl1350_s.jpg (5165 Byte) High Tatras, the pearl of Slovakia, is my old love. If you visit these mountains, you will come surely again. Convince yourselves. High Tatras is very well attainable - with the train, auto or airplane. Administrative center is the city Poprad. Further centers Strbské Pleso, Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica.  


The island Capri does not need any comments. Make some clicks and enjoy its beauty. Over 900 pictures can you see through this link - recorded in 2006 and 2007.

Famous graves

Graves of many famous personalities.  Now can you find here interesting contributions from Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Czech and Slovakia. For any remarks or hints am I grateful to you.  

Danube Cycle Track

Danube Cycle Track is one unforgettable experience for each bicycle fan. In three days from Passau (Germany) to Krems (Austria) - 250 km. Enclosed the time table of the whole trip.

Central Cemetery in Vienna

Central cemetery is 2.5 km2 in size, founded in 1874, and 33,000 grave sites to date. The Vienna Central Cemetery is not a historically grown cemetery. It was planned around 1870 by the garden architects Karl Jonas Mylius and Alfred Friedrich Bluntschli.  


Vienna is simly nice (test for Nikkor 35mm f1,8)


capitello_s.jpg (4215 Byte) Maybe that island is the last paradise in the Mediterranean Sea. Corsica ist an island for the friends of nature and active holiday. There are no big parking sites and crowded dico bars there. If you are boring after some days on the beach, you can take your walking shoes and climbe the mountains of the Corsica - the fantastic world of the valleys and lakes is only some distance away. I am sure that many of Corsica visitors will come back again.  


  Some of the most beautiful pictures from Zürich (Switzerland) from years 2009, 2011 and 2019

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