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Venedig - Venezia - Venice

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Ponte Rialto,

48m long, built from Antonio de Ponte in the years 1588 - 1592.

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Hotel Rialto,

lovely house - next to Ponte Rialto.


Canal Grande from Ponte Rialto,

the "boat-station" Rialto on the left-hand side. That photo takes maybe everybody who was once at that place, but you have to "fight" with lot of tourists doing the same.

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"Traffic" in Canal Grande,

boats, gondolas and water (not very clean)

Canal Grande

the more beautifull side of Canal Grande next to Ponte Rialto, because of the sunshine. The shadow of Ponte Rialto in the left corner, below.

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canaledicannaregio.jpg (53371 Byte) Canale di Cannaregio,

only some meters away from the railway station of Venice. Outside of the "tourists center" of Venice.

Rio Terra S. Leonardo, Pescaria de Canaregio

in the quarter Cannaregio with lovely shops and markets - if you are looking for some quiet hotel, you are correct here. Don't forget, at the night is Venice the quietest city of the world - no people, no traffic.

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Hotel Arcadia,

on the Rio Terra S. Leonardo. If you like to enjoy the history from outside, with comfortable rooms inside - that house is the correct address (my own experience).

A view from the window,

the day is beginnig - the first tourists awoke, the market is opend and the business goes on.

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hof.jpg (52016 Byte)

My favourite photo,

it shows that the life is not only the nice facade, also Venice is sometimes the real city without any kitsch.

Ponte S. Antonio,

on the way from Cannaregio to the center of Venice. There are lot of very nice things to see, before the first buses and trains come. You have to get up very early and Venice shows you everything what are you looking for.

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paolosarpi.jpg (34443 Byte) The statue of Paolo Sarpi,

to tell the truth, I don't know exactly who he was, but the place ist very nice. If somebody knows something more about Paolo Sarpi, write me, please.

Right from Rio Terra  Maddalena,

as you see, there are also cities without cars, buses and trams. If you want to come somewhere, you have to walk or to take the boat. Curious.

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wagnerdoor.jpg (31505 Byte) Richard Wagner's House,

that famous german composer died in this house in the year 1883.

Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi,

in that part of this palace stayed Richard Wagner. The view from Canal Grande.

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casino.jpg (38758 Byte) Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi,

the most beautiful renaissance palace of Venice. Completed about 1509.

Fondaco dei Turchi,

the most famous baroque palace of Venice. Completed at 1710 from A. Gaspari.

casapesaro.jpg (34321 Byte)

teatroitalia.jpg (40991 Byte) Teatro Italia,

on the Rio Terra Maddalena.

Casa d'Oro,

"trade mark" of Venice. The most famous gothic palace of Venice (completed in the 15. century).

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Casa d'Oro

Venice in the postcard form

Canal Grande,

the next three photos show the "main street" of Venice with its lovely hoses.

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boot.jpg (44425 Byte) The boat in Canal Grande,

the most obvious vehicle in Venice.

Narrow street I.

I like that picture very much. There is nothing like silent, narrow, coloured and waterfull lane in Venice. The washing is already dry and the tree on the left hand side is casting a shadow on the table.

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gassespiegel.jpg (32788 Byte)

Narrow street II.

Where else can you take such a photo? Because of the reflection from the water surface is that picture very evocative. This is maybe the original "Venetian mirror".

Narrow street III.

There are plenty of such a bridges and channels in Venice. You have only to stop and to release the shutter. In that moment I thougt, what is the "traffic regulation" in Venice.

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blumenhoch.jpg (34127 Byte)

Nearby Casa Pesaro,

one of the channels flowing to the Canal Grande (right-hand side of the Canal Grande).

The rear of the Casa Pesaro,

the same look as above, only some steps closer to the bridge. Casa Pesaro on the right hand side (the yellow signpost).

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pontepesaro.jpg (27735 Byte)

Ponte Pesaro,

and one very nice appartement with opend windows (right-hand side of the Canal Grande, nearby Casa Pesaro).

Ponte de la Chiesa,

Now stops Venice to be a gardengnome. You have only to look for nice places and pictures.

pontedelachiesa.jpg (39235 Byte)

stillegasseschatten.jpg (30574 Byte)

A silent street,

and you ask - where are all the people visiting Venice.

A typical backyard,

I like exactly that Venice, even if you don't find such a pictures on the postcards.

gasseschatten.jpg (30555 Byte)

stillerplatz.jpg (30477 Byte)

Sestier S. Polo,

all the time are you alone walking that part of Venice.

A silent channel,

I don't know exactly the name of that bridge and channel, it was simple too nice not to release the shutter.

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stmarcus1.jpg (41478 Byte)

Piazza San Marco,

with the "Basilica di San Marco", inside is the grave of the apostle Marcus.

Piazza San Marco,

our trip across Venice ends at that famous place, where all people say: "I have now seen already everything,..."

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All photos Frantisek Zboray, 1992, 1998

e-mails to: venice_at_zboray_dot_com

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