Rome -  Cimitero di Campo Verano  
  GIROTTI Massimo 18. 5. 1918, Mogliano - 5. 1. 2003 Rome Massimo Girotti was an engineering student and polo/swimming star before entering films in 1939. He began auspiciously in serious leads, most notably by Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti and Vittorio De Sica. By the 60s, however, Girotti was reduced to support roles in swashbuckling adventure and badly-dubbed sand-and-spear spectacles. Plot: 145  
  MASTROIANNI Marcello 28. 9. 1924, Fontana Liri - 19. 12. 1996, Paris Movie actor who starred in more then 120 films ("La Dolce Vita," "8 1/2"). Very often in the title role with Sophia Loren. He was discovered by famed director Federico Fellini.
Plot: From the main gate the second entry gate to the cemetery (most southern) on the right hand side in the second square of the great urn house
  MORAVIA Alberto 28. 11. 1907, Rome - 26. 9. 1990, Rome Writer. Born Alberto Pincherle, he was a major figure in the 20th-century Italian literature. His works were censored by Mussolini's government, and placed by the Vatican on the 'Index librorum prohibitarum' (Index of Forbidden Books). Later in life, he entered the world of politics and represented Italy in the European Parliament from 1984 until his death. Plot: 23 in the grave with his sister Elena Pincherle Cimino  
  SORDI Alberto 15. 6. 1920, Rome - 25. 2. 2003, Rome One of Italy's most captivating and talented cinematic comedy stars, Italian veteran Alberto Sordi was known for satirizing his country's social mores in pungent black comedies, farcical tales and grim drama. He, along with peers Vittorio Gassman, Ugo Tognazzi and Nino Manfredi, arguably represent the finest of post-war Italian cinema history. In 2002, after 190 films, he announced his retirement, and died of a heart attack the following year at age 82. Plot: 145