Paris - Cimetière Le Père Lachaise
APOLLINAIRE Guillaume (Kostrowitzky) 26. 8. 1880. Rome - 9. 11. 1918, Paris poet
BALSAC Honorè de 20. 5. 1799, Tours - 18. 8. 1850, Paris writer
BARBUSSE Henry 17. 3. 1873, Asnières - 30. 8. 1935, Moscow writer
BECAUD Gilbert (François Silly) 24.10.1927, Toloun - 18.12.2001, Paris singer and songwriter, discovered by Edith Piaf, he served as an accompanist for Piaf, monsieur 100.000 volts. He died at home on his beloved houseboat on the river Seine in Paris
BIZET Georges 25.10.1838, Paris - 3. 6. 1875, Paris opera-composer, moust famous opera is Carmen introduced 3.3.1975
BLANQUI Auguste 1.1.1805 - 1.1.1881 revolutionary
CHAMPOLLION Jean François 23.12.1790 - 4.3.1832 father of modern Egyptology, deciphering of the hieroglyphics contained on the Stone that laid the foundations for Egyptian archaeology, member of the French Academy
CHOPIN Frederic 1.3.1810, Zelazowa Wola - 17.10.1849, Paris piano romantic music composer, his piano concerts, preludes, nocturnes, waltzes, impromptus and mazurkas are monumets of classical music. Grew up in Warsaw, died of tuberculosis in Paris
COMMUNARDES 21. - 28. 5. 1871 at the end of Paris Commune all captured communards were shot here
DELACRIOX Eugene 26. 4. 1798, Saint-Maurice - 13. 8. 1863, Paris painter
DUNCAN Isadora 27.5.1878, San Francisco - 19.9.1927, Nice Isadora is known as the mother of  "modern dance," founding the "New System" of interpretive dance, blending together poetry, music and the rhythms of nature. She married Russian poet, Sergei Esenin in 1922. She died when her scarf accidentally became tangled in the wheels of a Bugatti sports car, resulting in a broken neck.
ENESCO Georges 1881, Liverni-Virnay, RO - 1955, Paris The greatest of Romanian musicians, legendary violinist, conductor, pianist. Taught Yehudi Menuhin, Christian Ferras and Arthur Grumiaux
FAURE Félix 30.1.1841, Paris - 16.2.1899, Paris French President 1895-99, died suddenly in Elysée presidential palace (in embrance of his lover girl - say rumours) 
GAY-LUSSAC Joseph 6.12.1778, Paris - 9.5.1850, Paris French chemist and physicist, formulated Gay-Lussac's law of combining volumes in 1809
KARDEC Allan 3.10.1804, Lyon - 31.3.1869, Paris  Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, founder of spiritism
LA FONTAINE Jean 8. 7. 1621, Château-Thierry - 13.4.1695, Paris poet
MODIGLIANI Amadeo 2.7.1884, Livorno - 24.1.1920, Paris Italian painter and sculptor. After his dead, weakened by tuberculosis, at the Hôpital de la Charité, his pregnant wife Jeanne commits suicide the next day and is burried in the same grave 
MOLIÈRE Jean-Baptiste 15. 1. 1622, Paris - 17. 2. 1673, Paris writer, actor, director, pioneer of the classical theatre
MONGE Gaspard 10. 5. 1746, Beaune - 28. 7. 1818, Paris mathematician, original site, moved to Pantheon (Paris)
MONTAND Yves (Ivo Livi) 13.10.1921, Monsummano Alto, Tuscany,  Italy - 9.11.1991, Senlis, Oise, Picardie, France Italian-born singing star and actor of international renown whose world-weary appearance and cynical manner made him an oddly personable if not overly charismatic leading man
MORRISON James Douglas  8.12.1943, Melbourne, FL - 3.7.1971, Paris brillant lead singer and lyricist for the Doors, alcohol and drugs destroyed his life, one of the most legendary and influential figures in rock & roll history, thousands of people visit his grave, artist of genius
NOIR Victor 1858-1870 French journalist,  shot in a duel for having either criticized (or perhaps cuckolded) a relative of Napoléon III, he has become a fertility symbol, the statue permanently surrounded by flowers left by his 'admirers'
PIAF Edith, (Edith Giovanna Gassion) 19. 12. 1915, Paris - 11. 10. 1963, Paris singer of genius, "Her life was so sad that seemed to be too beautiful to be the thruth." (Sacha Guitry)
PROUST Marcel 10.7.1971, Auteuil - 18.11.1922, Paris writer, recognized as one of the major personality of French expression
REYNAUD Jean Ernest 4.2.1806, Lyon - 28.6.1863, Paris  politician and philosopher
ROSSINI Giacchomo 29.2.2792, Pesaro - 13.11.1868, Paris Italian opera composer, whose work includes the comic masterpiece The barber of Seville. After intensive work on the opera William Tell, he spent the last 40 years of his life composing almost nothing, possibly in part due to ill health. Original site - later moved to Florence
SCHOELCHER Victor 1804 - 1093 Schoelcher and "schloelcherism" created in 1848 a myth, the myth of slavery, savior of the colonial population bound in servitude, defender of civil rights which recognized the decree of abolition of 1848.
SEMARD Pierre † 6.3.1942 politician, killed by Germans during WWII
SIGNORET Simone 25.3.1921, Wiesbaden - 30.9.1985, Paris actress, since 1951 wife of Ives Montand, she won for her role in the British film Room at the Top (1959) an Academy Award 
THOREZ Maurice 26.4.1900, Noyelles-Godault - 11.7.1964, Paris politician
WALLACE Edgar 1875, Greenwich - 10.2.1932 novelist, playwriter, died en route to Hollywood to work on the screenplay for King Kong
WILDE Oscar 16. 10. 1854, Dublin - 30. 11. 1900, Paris writer, left England because of his homosexuality, closed his life with suicide
WILLARD Marcel 1899 - 1956 politician, defender of Georgi Dimitrov in Leipzig fire trial of 1933