Paris - Cimetière de Montmartre - Cemetery of Montmartre
AMPERE Andre Maria 22.1.1775, Lyon - 10.6.1836, Marseille scientist, mathematician and physicist, formulated Ampere`s Law
ARLEN Lilian 1905, Vienna - 1990, Paris actress
BAUCHET Jean 1906 - 1995 actor, producer
BERLIOZ Hector 11.12.1803, La Côte Saint-André - 8.3.1869, Paris music composer
BROŽÍK Václav 6.3.1851, Zelezny Hamr, Czech - 15.4.1901, Paris Czech painter, at the end of the 19th century the most famous Czech artist in Europe
CAVAIGNAC Jean-Baptiste 1762, Gourdon - 24.3.1829, Brussel politician, voted for the death of Louis XVI
CAVAIGNAC Louis-Eugène 15.10.1802, Paris - 28.10.1857, Sarthe politician, general, son of Jean-Baptiste
CAVAIGNAC Goderfoy 1801 - 1845 politician, son of Jean-Baptiste
CODOS Paul 1896 - 30.1.1960 pilot, pioneer of aviation
DALIDA (Yolande Christina GIGLIOTTI) 17.1.1933, Cairo - 3.5.1987, Paris pop star, in the private life very unhappy, commited suicide
DEGAS Edgar 1834 - 1917 painter, impressionist
DUMAS Alexander, son 1824 - 1895 author of several novels including Le Dame aux Camélias, basis of Verdi´s opera La Traviata
FOUCAULT Jean Bernard 18.9.1819 - 11.2.1868 experimental physicist, known for his use of a pendulum in Pantheon (Paris) to prove that the Earth rotated
FRIDMAN Leonid 1908 - 1978 medall artist
CREUZE Jean-Baptiste 1725 - 1805 painter
GUITRY Sacha 12.2.1885 - 24.7.1957 writer and actor
HEINE Heinrich 13.12.1797, Düsseldorf - 17.2.1856, Paris German poet of Jewish origin, from 1831 lived in Paris as one of the central figures of the literatury scene 
KORF Theodor 1813 - 1863 baron
MURGER Henry 24.3.1822, Paris - 28.1.1861, Fontainebleau first Bohemian, Scenes de la Vie de Boheme, the tragi-comic stories from the Latin Quarter were basis of Puccini`s opera La Boheme
NIJINSKY Vaslav Fomich 29. 12. 1889, Kiev - 8.4.1950, London one of the greatest dancers in the history of ballet
OFFENBACH Jacques (Jacob Wiener) 1818, Cologne - 1880, Paris operetta composer
PLESSIS Alphonsine (Marie Duplessis) 15. 1. 1824, Normandie - 3. 2. 1847, Paris  a French woman and acclaimed beauty, who  died of tuberculosis. In her twenty-three years she established herself as one of the most successful sex workers in Paris. In 1846 she married her lover, Comte Edouard de Perrigaux, and added the title La Comtesse to her name. Alexandre Dumas son wrote the novel about her life, that story was basis for Verdi`s opera La Traviata
SAX Adolphe 6.11.1814, Dinant, Belgium - 7.2.1894, Paris inventor of the saxophone
SŁOWACKI Juliusz 1809 - 1849 Polish romantic poet, died of tuberculosis
STENDHAL (Marie-Henri Beyle) 23.1.1783, Grenoble - 23.3.1842, Paris  writer of several world wide famous novels: Le Rouge et le Noir, La Chartreuse de Parme
WEBER Louise 1870 - 1929 La Goulue, inventor of can-can, her name synonymous with the Moulin Rouge nightclub. A provincial girl from Alsace who became the shameless queen of Montmartre. Died poor and lonely. 
ZOLA Emile 2.4.1840, Paris - 28.9.1902, Paris writer of many famous novels, founder of naturalist movement in literature. One of the greatest figure of european literature and intelllect authority. Died under mysterious circumstances, overcame by carbon monoxide fumes in his sleep. Original site - his body moved to Pantheon (Paris)