Church of Dôme des Invalides
D' AUVERGNE Théophile Malo Corret de la Tour 23.1.1743, Carhaix - 28.7.1800, Oberhausen first grenadier of Republic
BONAPARTE Jerôme 15.11.1784, Ajaccio, Corsica - 24.6.1860, Massy youngest brother of Napoleon Bonaparte
NAPOLEON Bonaparte 15.8.1769, Ajaccio,Corsica - 5.5.1821, St. Helena Emperor of the French
NAPOLEON II Francis Joseph Charles Bonaparte  20.3.1811, Paris - 22.7.1832, Vienna Son of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Louise of Austria. In 1940 his remains were transferred, as a gift to France from Adolf Hitler, from Vienna to the dome of the Invalides in Paris, where he now rests beside his father. Died of tuberculosis.
DE VAUBAN Sebastien Le Prestre 1633 - 1707 French military engineer, built the Dome of Invalides