Copenhagen - Assistens Cemetery
ANDERSEN Hans Christian 2.4.1805, Odense - 4.8.1875, Copenhagen Denmark´s great writer, known as author of 175 fairy-tales and stories, influenced many young genaration readers all of the world
BOHR Niels 7.10.1885, Copenhagen - 18.12.1962, Copenhagen Nobel Prize winner for physics in 1922, pioneer of quantum theory of atomic and molecular structure (Bohr theory of atom)
KIERKEGAARD Soren Aabye 5.5.1813, Copenhagen - 11.11.1855, Copenhagen Danish philosopher, one of the founders of existentialist philosophy
NEXØ Martin (ANDERSEN) 26.6.1869, Copenhagen - 1. 6. 1954, Dresden Danish writer, first rate social realist, who novels depicted the oppressed life of the poor and helped to raise social consciousness. Nexø's views and his engagement in the political and humanitarian issues of his day did not make him popular in Denmark.
ØRSTED Hans Christian 14.8.1777, Rudkøbing - 9.3.1851, Copenhagen Danish physicist and chemist, influenced by the thinking of Immanuel Kant. In 1820 he discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism in a very simple experiment. He demonstrated that a wire carrying a current was able to deflect a magnetized compass needle.
RASK Rasmus Kristian 22.11.1787, Braendekilde - 14.11. 1832, Copenhagen A scholar of Indo-European languages, he was a principal founder of the science of comparative linguistics. His observation that sound shifts between corresponding words in Germanic and other Indo-European languages followed predictable patterns was the basis of a fundamental law of linguistics later enunciated by Jacob Grimm (Grimm's law). Rask also carried out extensive research on Old Norse, publishing his Investigation of the Origin of the Old Norse or Icelandic Language in 1818. By the end of his life he had mastered 25 languages and dialects.